January 10, 2012

Season 1 Stats Recap and Final Questions

Stats -
Carrie has slept with: 5 guys
Charlotte has slept with: 4 guys and the rabbit
Miranda has slept with: 4 guys and the rabbit
Samantha has slept with/claimed sex with: 14 guys

My vote for worst character name of the season:
Tie between "Capote Duncan" and "Barkley."

Where are their parents/siblings/families? The only people who have families on the show so far are Stanford and Big.

Will there be any recurring characters BESIDES Stanford and Big? So far we've seen a parade of "good friends" in 12 episodes that only showed up ONCE and never returned. Will we see them next season?

Even though I can't stand Mr. Big, why did he put up with Carrie for as long as he did? Was it because she didn't wear a bra? Was it because she was bow-legged? Was it because she acted like she was 5 years old? What?

Will Miranda ever relax? Will she become a lesbian?

Will Samantha ever find someone with an appropriate sized penis for her needs AND the ability to converse?

Will Charlotte stop acting like a 15 year old girl who believes in quija boards and keepsake boxes and start acting like a woman?

Will Skipper cut his hair?

Will Carrie get less annoying? Will she truly find a sense of self worth and not just this inflated bullshit one that sounds good as you sign off the show with your voice over but isn't congruent with your character?

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